Using your money to try to make more money!

The Aim Of Investing?

The Aim of investing is to make your money grow and even/or create an additional regular income stream from it.

Types Of Investments

There are many types of investments available, but most investments can be catagorised into either low risk (defensive assets eg. cash and term deposits) or high risk (growth assets eg. property and shares)

Risk Vs. Return

As a rule, the higher the investment risk, the higher the potential return. Consequently, over time, returns from growth assets generally exceed returns from defensive assets. It must always be remembered that the higher the return, the greater the risk or volatility and the potential for loss.

How We Can Help You?

Financial Momentum will work with you to formulate a strategic plan that meets your individual needs, your short term, medium and long term goals, your current financial circumstances and the level of investment risk you are prepared to accept.

Direct Shares

Purchasing shares gives you part ownership in a company and the right to receive a portion of the profits, commonly referred to as dividends.

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